Right of employee to resign from his employment.

An employee has a right to resign from his employment.
Resignation is a notice that one is quitting their employment. Labour laws in Kenya on resignation are Under the Employment Act, sections 14(5) and 16. The conditions for terminating the contract by the employee apply here. These are:Employees who receive monthly payments must inform the employer one month before they stop working.
If an employee does not give the employer the notice, he/she should pay the employer the equivalent of wages for that period. If the resignation of the employee violates a contractual obligation to work, they may be liable to damages. In the case of Kennedy Obala Oaga v Kenya Ports Authority [2018] eKLR, the court held that hat the Claimant resigned lawfully. Rejection of Claimant’s resignation, and his purported summary dismissal long after he had resigned, had no support in law. See: http://kenyalaw.org/caselaw/cases/view/149667/

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